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This page is an anagram checker. When you type the original text and your anagram, you will see which letters are left.

You can save this page to use it offline. Check occasionally if there is a new version at the original location.

Version 5.2: Several bug fixes by Wayne Davison.
More version history
Previous version: 5.11
Next version: 6.0 (beta)

To learn more about anagrams, check out the frequently asked questions for the discussion group alt.anagrams.
If you are a bit lazy (who isn't) and you want hundreds of anagrams superfast, go to Arrak.
If you want to find Dutch anagrams, check out my free program Maanrag (for Windows 9x). Maanrag has a Dutch word list to assist you, and it can also import other word lists. Also for Dutch speakers: in discussion group nl.taal (about the Dutch language) you will find plenty of people who enjoy making anagrams.

Wayne Davison, for fixing bugs.
Richard Brody, for inspiring me with his Anagram Wizard.
Richard Grantham, for contributing a bit of Javascript code, though he's not even a programmer (he says).
Peter-Paul Koch, for his explanation of DHTML.

Send bug reports to me, and don't forget to include your browser version. Since FART is just-for-fun-ware, I don't guarantee that I will fix it.
If nothing is wrong, and you appreciate this software, send me an email! That stimulates me to improve FART.

Since version 5.1, FART is released under the GPL license.

Onno Zweers 2000-2003

Original text
Your anagram
Remaining letters
Excessive letters

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Have a look at the Anagrammy Award Forum before you post anything!
The following settings will be saved in a cookie on your hard disk.
Sorting method for remaining letters
Alphabetic abcde...
English Most difficult letters first.
Use this when you are making big anagrams and you want to start with the most difficult letters. If you wait too long with using the Q, you might end up with it, which is very frustrating. This option will bring the Q and other difficult letters to your attention. 
Also, when a letter occurs many times, it will have a higher priority. You wouldn't want to end up with 6 E's and no other letters.
Dutch Most difficult letters first, according to the Dutch language.


Checking policy
Which characters and symbols have to match?
Strict  Every letter, symbol, dot and comma has to match.
Line feeds and spaces are ignored. 
Lowercase and uppercase letters are treated as equal. 
Normal  $#@!%(){}[];:,.<>?-+ and such symbols are ignored.
International  Same as normal, but international characters like are treated as normal letters (eouaicn). This setting may cause incorrect checking on Macintosh computers.


Easy pasting
On With easy pasting, you can paste an anagram like Onno = noon into the "original text" field. FART will split it using the equal sign. "Onno" will go into the "original text" field, "noon" will go into the "anagram" field, and the two will be checked immediately. This option was especially made for the nice people at the Anagrammy Award.
Off Choose this setting if your anagrams contain "=" (equal signs).